Month To Month / 150$

Some students love the freedom without contract obligation, this is for YOU!

3 Month / 125$

This option is for Students who are interested in making the change with less of an obligation!

6 Month / 105$

This is for the lovers of dance fitness, the dedicated, and the people who have found a home here!

Ugh OH! Time to talk money$

It's funny, you may find yourself hesitant because of seeing the obligation next to the number. That number is one night out at your favorite restaurant. Surely you are investing this much in your health also.

Think about what investments you've been making in yourself.

You may pay this much on perfume, or accessories, or makeup, but will you invest this much in you? What are you worth?

Everyone Wants a better life!

Only a few do what it takes to get it! Will you?