Our Game Plan

A Dance Fitness Program that involves getting you surrounded by people who are rooting for your rise in an exciting and fun environment that supports and uplifts you on your way to your highest potential.

Our Story

Years ago one man ventured into the world of Zumba as a way to gain a free gym access. Little did he know, this MOVEMENT would change his life entirely. DANCE has been a Catalyst for the CHANGE in his life and many others.

Meet the Man.

The Zumba King, aka Vinny, aka Matt, is a spiritual wisdom book author and a motivator who has dedicated himself to glorifying the innate goodness that is indwelling in All. Through fun EXERCISE and DANCE MOVEMENTS, you will be transformed through MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Revealing a sexier more wholehearted, authentic version of yourself.

Vinny Matt Trujillo IV

Founder / Coach

I live my Truth, I create my Being.


If you would like to join the movement...

There are people out there who really care, take the chance to find out if this is Movement is for you! Chances are if you are reading this... it is.